CryptoKings: An Overview 👑

We have been busy here at King HQ over the past few weeks building out the site and the Smart Contracts for launch, we have just pushed the site live so there is never a better time to deep dive into the project and what lies within!


CryptoKings are 5000 algorithmically generated digital collectible artworks based on the ERC-721 standard, paying homage to some of the most influential and controversial Kings of the crypto landscape.
These coveted legends have driven the industry forward from a niche fringe interest, to the precipice of mainstream adoption where we now stand today. They have helped shaped and evolve the crypto space through the good and the bad, and we are forever indebted.


Each King has been algorithmically and randomly constructed using 70 uniquely distinctive assets, there are no two Kings alike. Explicit overall rarity ranking based on assets alone shall be viewable on the website once the assignment process is complete. This will not account for the secondary rarity of each King which is the uniqueness assigned by naming the NFT.

Sale Details

The Kings are scheduled to go on sale on Monday 22nd March, the official countdown to the Ethereum starting block will be shown on the homepage of the website. CryptoKings will be available for sale on the following bonding curve:

👑 In the interests of ensuring fair distribution, the user will not know which King they are purchasing until the sale ends by either sell out or after 21 days, whichever comes first.
👑 All images are already generated but have not been assigned to the tokens.
👑 The assignment of the Kings to the tokens shall be performed at the end of the sale using on chain randomness.
👑 To ensure all users are able to purchase Kings, there is a limit of 10 Kings per transaction.
👑 In the event that there are unsold NFTs after 21 days the remaining unsold Kings will still be available for purchase, fixed at the current price bracket.
👑 The Kings shall be assigned to token ID’s at the end of the sale using the following calculation:
( saleEndedBlock mod (𝜋 % 10) ) mod 10000 × 500 × 𝜋 )

Name Thy King

Each King can be uniquely named by the owner introducing a further level of distinctiveness to the NFT. No secondary token is required for this, your King is yours to crown as you please, grab your identities early to avoid disappointment.

Naming Criteria
👑 Names must be alphanumeric only.
👑 When a name is changed, the used name becomes available for another owner.
👑 No leading or trailing spaces.
👑 Names must be 30 characters maximum, including spaces.

💰The King’s Ransom💰

Where would we all be without the King of Kings? He is the rarest King of them all, pull a Satoshi and receive 1% of the the total sale raise. If we sell out this is a whopping 7ETH; $12,000 per Satoshi at the time of writing. There are only 5 Satoshi Kings available, happy hunting anons!

Closing Thoughts

We are super excited about what we have built over the last few months and are extremely excited to go live, we hope you enjoy what we have built!
We must also tip our Fedora’s to the Larva Labs team for being pioneers in this space through the creation of CryptoPunks and for providing us with the inspiration to create CryptoKings, They are indeed the project that sparked and inspired the CryptoArt movement.




5000 algorithmically generated unique digital collectible artworks. Crypto Royalty, Immortalised On NFTs.

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5000 algorithmically generated unique digital collectible artworks. Crypto Royalty, Immortalised On NFTs.

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