King’s Spotlight: Andre Cronje👑


Welcome to the second episode of our mini-series King’s Spotlight. Today we will be delving into the biography of Andre Cronje, creator of the Yearn Protocol and commonly referred to the “God of Defi”, he is one of the most well respected names in the space and quite rightly has earned his spot as a King of Crypto, he also is our third most rare CryptoKing!

From Humble Beginnings

Andre hails from Cape Town, South Africa where he began his career teaching students various subjects before going on to hold several prominent CTO roles at various fin-tech firms located in South Africa.

Andre gained notoriety during the 2017 bull market as one of the code reviewers on cryptobriefing. Andre’s depth of the code and understanding of smart contracts gained him a large following, any project that passed Andre’s rigorous reviews gained a rubber stamp of approval as a legitimate project.

Following on from this Andre spent some time in technical consulting roles for Fusion and Fantom, where he helped guide the teams to bring their products to market. Fantom has solidified itself as a Top 100 protocol.

Yearning for More

In early 2020 Andre deployed yearn V1, which was a protocol for finding the best yield across all available lenders, automating the movement of your funds to find these yields. In summer 2021 Andre rolled out the YFI governance token, a collective decision making tool for the protocol which was given to liquidity providers. The YFI tokens meteoric price rise from $3 to $30k in a matter of weeks took the crypto market by storm, and is widely known as one of the fastest appreciating crypto tokens, ever.

Andre describes the “money legos” happening in DeFi as some of the coolest toys he has ever played with, and this is evident from the constant building, evolution and array of his products. This also comes at a cost, and Andre has at times found himself burned out on the demands of the community. That being said he continues to build and help the ecosystem evolve. For those reasons he has solidified himself as a Crypto King and is deservedly in our list of Crypto’s Legends!

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